Wiener Linien’s AC Claim Contradicted by Passenger’s Video

Wiener Linien’s AC Claim Contradicted by Passenger’s Video

Passenger Films Elderly Ladies Fanning Themselves on Extreme Hot Day

The International media recently asked Wiener Linien about the lack of air conditioning in trams and U6 metro. Wiener Linien confirmed that the U6 is 100% air-conditioned, but The International’s readers complained that the AC, even though existent in the U6, is often turned off during heat peak days, while outside was 35 degrees.

In response, Wiener Linien said that the AC is never turned off. Still, because the U6 travels over the ground, due to the heat and doors frequently opening every minute, it can’t be cooled down more than just a few degrees under the outside temperature. Nevertheless, this video from August 19th, 2023, shows two old ladies struggling in the heat inside a U6 ride while trying to primitively fan themselves.

Based on Vienna’s inhabitants’ experience, most of them can distinguish when the AC is off with the AC being on and not cooling enough. It was only turned off when unnecessary, such as when the weather was cool or the train was not crowded. However, a video from a passenger who filmed two elderly ladies ventilating themselves inside the U6 on an extremely hot day (19.08.2023) proves the opposite.

Still, the lack of transparency from Wiener Linien couldn’t be explained on why there are two service standards.

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