Volunteer Jobs in Vienna

Volunteer Jobs in Vienna

Volunteer Jobs in Vienna

Volunteering has a lot of benefits, both physically and mentally. It enhances employability, making people understand what they want to do and providing opportunities for the volunteers to socialize and give them a chance to give back.

Vienna, especially, is a popular destination for volunteer work. There are multiple volunteering organizations with openings available all year round. These include some programs that communicate in English as well. However, even though these jobs are in English, they provide an excellent chance to those wanting to learn German while contributing to a good cause.

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Volunteer Organizations in Vienna

Here are five organizations in Vienna that offer volunteer jobs with animals, older people, and in agriculture:

  • Paradeisgartl Donaufeld 

Paradeisgartl Donaufeld is one of the non-profit volunteer organizations that deal with maintaining agriculture and promoting it in a way that helps people realize the importance of taking care of the environment. The main theme of the organization is the community garden that it has worked so hard to achieve. As a public space, this community garden aims to motivate people to plant more and encourage everyone to research, work and play in agriculture.

Paradeisgartl Donaufeld offers multiple volunteer opportunities for those who want to work near agriculture. There are many areas in which this volunteer organization needs support. These areas include accounting, fundraising, graphic design, and many more. They also provide training for those interested, internships, voluntary work, and AMS work training.

  • People’s Aid Vienna

People’s Aid Vienna has been around since 1947, trying to focus on providing help for those in need and aiming to make a social impact. This volunteer organization was shifted into a non-profit organization around 2016 and advanced in a way that would ensure that anyone in need would get better help in the future by improving their services. The services are focused on providing social and health services to people of any age and have around 1,600 employees working to make this come true.

People’s Aid Vienna facilitates older people by providing them with living facilities, 24-hour care, home service, and such while also providing social services for children and those who are disabled.

They also have a variety of jobs available for those looking for volunteer opportunities and who want to give back to the community to make a difference in the social world. These jobs include social work, being a team leader, or even an employee in human resources.

  • Arche Noah 

“A society for the conservation of crop diversity and its development,” Arche Noah was founded in 1989 to preserve all endangered plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables. The main aim of this organization is to reduce the effects of climate change, genetic engineering, and other methods harming agriculture.

Arche Noah also offers sustainable agriculture volunteer jobs that include educational programs,  workshops, community seed banks, organic farming volunteer jobs, events, and other projects you can participate in. Some of the completed projects that this welfare organization is the Leonardo Project which dealt with growing agriculture diversity throughout Europe on the initiative of two Spanish partner organizations, the Fruit and Trees project, which involved five Arche Noah pomologists working with five schools and a kindergarten to research the variety of fruit types and other empirical fruits.

If you wish to be part of projects like these, Arche Noah is the perfect place to start. It allows you to contribute to the farming experience and understand the importance of all the work that goes into maintaining all the agriculture, especially the rare species. This volunteering opportunity also helps volunteers connect with nature and meet more like-minded people working towards the same goal.

  • Animal Care Austria 

Animal Care Austria is known to treat and help animals in any way possible. Their slogan, “We Care,” resonates with many animal lovers who feel the pain of precious animals treated unjustly and violently in today’s society.  The employees of this organization all work voluntarily to help animals feel protected and loved.

If you are passionate about animal welfare and want to volunteer to help reduce the suffering that they go through, working at this welfare organization is the perfect job for you.

Multiple different voluntary works are available for you to do, such as being a caregiver, sponsoring this organization, becoming a donor, etc. However, suppose you want to take a more hands-on approach to help. In that case, there are many opportunities to be active in animal welfare, including a veterinarian, dog groomer, driver for donation transport, helping at the animal daycare, and many more opportunities.

  • Vienna Social Services Association 

Vienna Social Services Association (Verein Wiener Sozialdienste) is a non-profit organization providing support for people of all age groups for over 70+ years. The association aims to deliver services that include child care, care for older people and those who are disabled.

This association also offers volunteer jobs to those who want to contribute something positive to give back to the people. These jobs include caring for older people, child care, home training, and medical professions. For some of these volunteer works, Vienna Social Services Association also provides training that guarantees a job in that sector.

Here is the list of all five volunteer organizations in Vienna, mentioned in this article:

Paradeisgartl Donaufeld 

People’s Aid Vienna

Arche Noah 

Animal Care Austria 

Vienna Social Services Association 


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