Vienna to Launch New Tramline

Vienna to Launch New Tramline

Photo: Manfred Helmer

Vienna will introduce a new tramline in autumn 2025, enhancing public transport across four districts, the city’s transit authority Wiener Linien announced on Thursday.

The 12 line will connect the 8th, 9th, 20th, and 2nd districts, running from the U6 station Josefstädter Straße through the U4 station Friedensbrücke to the S-Bahn station Traisengasse, before terminating at Hillerstraße.

Peter Hanke, Vienna’s public transport councillor, highlighted the benefits: “A dense public transport network with short distances stands for the high quality of life in our climate model city Vienna.”

“We are investing around 60 million euros in the 12 tramline, creating a new attractive public transport connection. This will improve the connectivity of the entire Nordbahnviertel, with 10,000 apartments, two school centres, many local businesses and startups, and a total of 20,000 jobs,” Hanke said as official construction work on the line began.

This marks the third new tramline launched by Vienna’s coalition city government of the Social Democrats and the liberal NEOS party since 2020. Besides line 12, other projects include line 27, running from Seestadt to Strebersdorf, currently under construction, and the extension of line 18, which will stretch from the U2 station Stadion to the U6 station Burggasse-Stadthalle.

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