Third Violent Confrontation in Vienna Leaves Four Injured

Third Violent Confrontation in Vienna Leaves Four Injured



A violent confrontation broke out in Vienna late on Sunday near the U6 station Meidling, the Vienna police reported, marking the third such incident in as many days.

While the Friday and Saturday altercations in Brigittenau ended relatively mildly, four people were seriously injured in Meidling on Sunday evening. Three men sustained stab wounds, and one man suffered a head injury from blunt force trauma, according to police spokesman Philipp Haßlinger. A police helicopter was involved in the search for the perpetrators.

Police stated that all three incidents are directly connected. According to information obtained by the Austrian Press Agency (APA), the groups involved are believed to be Chechen, Syrian and Afghan, although the police have not confirmed this.

Spokesman Haßlinger said the men arrived at the U6 station Meidling (formerly Philadelphiabrücke) armed with knives, sticks and rods. The clash occurred on the forecourt where the buses depart. The motive behind the dispute is still under investigation.

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