The Comedy Pub: Vienna’s Newest Spot for Laughs

The Comedy Pub: Vienna’s Newest Spot for Laughs

by Alion Çaçi

New Comedy Pub Opens Its Doors to Local and Global Talent

A new comedy pub opened in Vienna last weekend, offering a space for local and global comedians to perform their acts. The Comedy Pub is located in Wiedner Hauptstraße 130, 1050 Vienna.

Photo: Alion Çaçi

Right now, it has a capacity of about 50 people and features a small stage dedicated to established comedians and open mic nights, where up-and-coming comedians can try out their material. Its Irish pub character offers a variety of drinks and a terrace to hang out during the show breaks.

“I moved to Vienna during Covid time, and I had trouble connecting,” says Homer Hakim, an Afghan Salzburg-grown video editor in Vienna who owns this comedy pub.

“I went to one show, started doing comedy, and became part of this community. At some point, I realized there was a very big (comedy) scene, and I told myself that this city could use a comedy club.” 

Photo: Alion Çaçi

The comedy shows will mainly be in English, but they will also feature German-speaking comedians. The goal is to be a hub for traveling comedians as well.

“The comedy must be free, and I want to keep it free as long as possible. Is a donation-based show to cover some costs,” highlights Homer.

By mid-October, they will add a second space that accommodates 150 audience members, where bigger comedy names are expected to perform.

“Having a space dedicated to full-time comedy shows is very important in any city. This will allow Vienna’s English comedy scene to be among the top around Europe,” says Gus Horn, an American stand-up comedian living in Vienna, who hosted and performed in The Comedy Pub’s opening weekend and has previously been a guest of The International Podcast.

“Of course, there’s a long way to go, but this is a major step in that direction,” he continues optimistically.

The Comedy Pub will be open Wednesday to Sunday, with two shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Follow it’s news on Instagram at

Photo: Alion Çaçi

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