The Ghost Architect of Vienna

One gray Viennese morning Feiger picked me up in his black Jaguar and we drove past a recycling plant, through uniform six-story buildings, and across the Donau Canal into Leopoldstadt, Vienna’s second district. Mazzesinsel (Matzo Island), as it was called for centuries, has been the center of Jewish life since the days of the 17th-century ghetto. Most of Vienna’s Jews still live there….

Ludwig: “More Responsibility for Cities Means More Money Too”

72nd. Austrian City Conference (Bad Ischl/Vienna) – The 72nd Austrian City Conference was opened yesterday, Wednesday, May 31, 2023, with a press conference by Mayor Michael Ludwig, President of the Association of Cities, Vice President Mayor Klaus Schneeberger (Wiener Neustadt), Mayor Ines Schiller (Bad Ischl), and Secretary General of the Association of Cities, Thomas Weninger. […]

Getting a Divorce in Austria: Full Guidelines

The divorce process in Austria can easily get messy if you’re not properly prepared. Multiple factors can come in the way, such as the grounds for divorce, its laws, and even the type of divorce you will get.

Here’s a guide with all the information you’ll need to help you go through the process without any trouble.