ÖBB Train Plays Hitler Speech

Passengers aboard an intercity train in Austria experienced a disturbing incident on Sunday, as a recording of a speech by Adolf Hitler was unexpectedly played on board.

How To Exchange Your Foreign Driving License in Vienna

Exchanging or Obtaining A Driver’s License in Austria Alion Çaçi After moving to Vienna, many foreigners want to obtain an Austrian driver’s license for business or leisure reasons. It’s usually granted for 15 years, but how easy is it to get it, and what are the requirements? Photo by Mira Kireeva on Unsplash EU/EEA and NON-EU/EAA citizens If you’re […]

Getting a Divorce in Austria: Full Guidelines

The divorce process in Austria can easily get messy if you’re not properly prepared. Multiple factors can come in the way, such as the grounds for divorce, its laws, and even the type of divorce you will get.

Here’s a guide with all the information you’ll need to help you go through the process without any trouble.