Meet the Expats That Might Influence the Construction Market

Meet the Expats That Might Influence the Construction Market

Kevin Çobaj and Agron Bajraktari moved to Austria in 2013. They knew each other from their high school years in Albania but did not know Brendon Ahmeti yet. On a casual night out, Kevin and Brendon met in a bar in Vienna where they discussed different topics, including finance and business opportunities.

Sometime after, these three young men founded Synaps – a software company that helps construction companies better plan and implement their projects through revolutionary tech solutions. It’s like Revit and MS Teams had a baby. A meeting tool where you can draw plans, attach references, and make decisions with everyone involved in your project.

From left to right: Kevin Çobaj, Agron Bajraktari, Alion Çaçi, Brendon Ahmeti.


When interviewed by Alion Çaçi, The International Podcast‘s host, these three young men share their life and professional experiences.

“It has not been easy, and it still is not,” clarifies Mr. Ahmeti, current Synaps COO. “Like many other people with foreign backgrounds, we’ve struggled with a lot of paperwork, but not for one moment we thought of giving up.”

When asked about the company’s financial situation, they confirmed that Synaps has already gained a considerable investment, but the exact amount is confidential. Nevertheless, Mr. Çobaj, who keeps a closer eye on the finances, agrees that starting a GmbH has not been cheap. “It requires a minimum capital, and that’s the hardest part at first.” He explains in detail how starting a company in Vienna works if you’re not an Austrian citizen.

On the other hand, Mr. Bajraktari, the software developer who quits the Austrian Institute of Technology after seven years to join Synaps, agrees that the development of the product has been challenging and still is.


The official kick off of Synaps will be announced soon, involving job opportunities. Listen to the complete 70 minutes conversation (or Spotify) with the founders where they share more about their life as Vienna expats, their hobbies and challenges and connect with them:

Brendon Ahmeti , Kevin Çobaj , Agron Bajraktari , Synaps .

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