Half of Vienna’s Primary School Students Don’t Speak German at Home

Photo by Dan V on Unsplash

The numbers are even higher at the secondary school level, with 77% of all students not speaking German at home. In Margareten, 96% of all secondary school students do not speak German as their primary language. In Ottakring and Hernals, the numbers are 93% and 92%, respectively. In contrast, in the more affluent districts of Hietzing, Währing, and Liesing, only 57% of secondary school students do not speak German at home.

Wiener Linien’s AC Claim Contradicted by Passenger’s Video

The International media recently asked Wiener Linien about the lack of air conditioning in trams and U6 metro. Wiener Linien confirmed that the U6 is 100% air-conditioned, but The International’s readers complained that the AC, even though existent in the U6, is often turned off during heat peak days, while outside was 35 degrees.