Guns Fired in Brigittenau Between Syrian and Russian Groups

Guns Fired in Brigittenau Between Syrian and Russian Groups


During a fight between two large groups of men in a park in Vienna Brigittenau on Friday evening, shots were fired, and various weapons were used, resulting in three minor injuries. According to the police, five parked cars were damaged by gunfire. The Syrian and Russian nationals involved seemed to have arranged the confrontation. Two young Syrians were likely injured by gunfire, and a Russian was apparently hurt by a knife.

The incident occurred at 21:40 in Anton-Kummerer-Park. Initial findings indicate the Syrian group, aged 15 to 21, was armed with knives, pepper spray, and blunt weapons, while the rival group had firearms, likely handguns and blank guns, explained police spokesperson Barbara Gass. A witness mentioned around 30 participants, but the exact number of suspects is unclear, emphasized Gass.

After the altercation, most of the participants from both groups fled. Multiple emergency calls were made to the police. However, several men, presumably involved in the fight, and the injured individuals remained at the scene. The victims were treated by Vienna emergency services and some were taken to a hospital for outpatient care. Police secured several weapons around the crime scene. The exact sequence of events and motives for the confrontation are still being investigated, Gass explained. The Vienna State Criminal Police Office took over the further investigations.

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