Everything You Need to Know About the Zecken (Tick) Vaccine

Ticks, also known as Zecken, are tiny parasitic arachnids found throughout Austria and other parts of the world, including North America, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia. They can transmit serious diseases like borreliosis (Lyme disease) or meningitis.

5 Best Co-Working Spaces In Vienna For Freelancers And Startups

5 Best Co-Working Spaces In Vienna For Freelancers And Startups

With its fast-growing tech scene and entrepreneurial spirit, Vienna offers a variety of opportunities for those seeking to grow their businesses.

Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular, providing flexible working arrangements, networking opportunities, and a supportive environment.

This article will discuss Vienna’s five best co-working spaces, including their prices, memberships, locations, and one unique feature that sets them apart.

Austrian Parliament Renovation Costs And Changes

At the beginning of 2023, after over 130 years of continuous operation, the parliament building ended its renovation. In 2014, the parliamentary groups unanimously decided to renovate the building on Vienna’s Ringstrasse to preserve its structure and ensure its suitability for the future. Between 2014 and 2017, extensive preparatory measures were undertaken, alternative spaces were established in the Hofburg and Heldenplatz, and 2017, the entire parliamentary operations were relocated. Construction work commenced in 2018, and after five years of renovation, it opened its doors.

Top 5 Reasons Why Vienna is the World’s Most Livable City

Top 5 Reasons Vienna is the World’s Most Livable City

Vienna, the capital of Austria, has consistently been ranked as the most livable city in the world by various surveys over the years.

But what makes Vienna so unique? This article will discuss the top five reasons Vienna is considered the world’s most livable city.

Volunteer Jobs in Vienna

Volunteering has a lot of benefits, both physically and mentally. It enhances employability, making people understand what they want to do and providing opportunities for the volunteers to socialize and give them a chance to give back.
Vienna, especially, is a popular destination for volunteer work. There are multiple volunteering organizations with openings available all year round. These include some programs that communicate in English as well. However, even though these jobs are in English, they provide an excellent chance to those wanting to learn German while contributing to a good cause.

Suspected Smuggler Detained

In the first hours of May 13th, around 1 am, a surveillance crew of the Brigittenau (1200) municipal police department spotted a car that stopped in an intersection and let three people with backpacks walk out of the car. As the police approached, the party of three ran away, and the stopped vehicle suddenly accelerated, increasing the suspicion of the police officers. They managed to stop the car in the 2. district, in an area known as Stadionallee.

The driver was arrested and suspected of human trafficking. Another adult man from Sudan was found with him in the car. He had no identification and was carrying only a backpack.

The official report of the Police Department gives further details:

ÖBB Train Plays Hitler Speech

Passengers aboard an intercity train in Austria experienced a disturbing incident on Sunday, as a recording of a speech by Adolf Hitler was unexpectedly played on board.

How To Exchange Your Foreign Driving License in Vienna

Exchanging or Obtaining A Driver’s License in Austria Alion Çaçi After moving to Vienna, many foreigners want to obtain an Austrian driver’s license for business or leisure reasons. It’s usually granted for 15 years, but how easy is it to get it, and what are the requirements? Photo by Mira Kireeva on Unsplash EU/EEA and NON-EU/EAA citizens If you’re […]