5 Best Co-Working Spaces In Vienna For Freelancers And Startups

5 Best Co-Working Spaces In Vienna For Freelancers And Startups

5 Best Co-Working Spaces In Vienna For Freelancers And Startups

With its fast-growing tech scene and entrepreneurial spirit, Vienna offers a variety of opportunities for those seeking to grow their businesses.

Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular, providing flexible working arrangements, networking opportunities, and a supportive environment.

This article will discuss Vienna’s five best co-working spaces, including their prices, memberships, locations, and one unique feature that sets them apart.

Here Are The Best Co-Working Spaces In Vienna

1. Impact Hub Vienna

Located in Lindengasse 56, 1070, Impact Hub Vienna is an accelerator for social startups, a coworking space, and a community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors, corporates, and NGOs. It offers both open space and private offices for rent, as well as meeting rooms and event spaces.

One unique feature of Impact Hub Vienna is its commitment to social impact and sustainability. It’s home to several social enterprises and hosts various events and programs that promote positive change in the community.

Membership plans: A day pass for a hot desk costs €20, while the package for five days per month for a flex desk and limited access costs €75, and ten days per month for a shared desk and limited access costs €125. The unlimited access package with a dedicated desk in a shared office and 24/7 access is available for €175 per month. A private desk can be added to this package for €250 per month. All prices exclude VAT.

The Impact Hub Vienna

2. Talent Garden Vienna

In Liechtensteinstraße 111/115, 1090, Talent Garden Vienna offers flexible membership options and a friendly and innovative working atmosphere.

One unique feature of Talent Garden Vienna is its focus on digital innovation and technology. It offers workshops and courses on blockchain, digital marketing, and cybersecurity.

Membership plans: A day pass for a hot desk costs €20, while a hot desk membership for 20 hours a week is available for €200 per month. A dedicated desk with unlimited access can be rented for €340 per month, and a lockable office room for three to eighteen people with 24/7 access to the campus is available for €500. All prices exclude VAT.

Talent Garden Vienna

3. Loffice

Located in Schottenfeldgasse 85, 1070, Loffice is a stylish co-working space home to creative entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Loffice brings together a diverse community of solo freelancers, startup founders, and teams from various industries. This diversity leads to numerous collaborations within and outside the community.

One unique feature of Loffice is its focus on design and creativity. From the furniture to the artwork on the walls, every design aspect is carefully considered to create a welcoming and inspiring environment.

Membership plans: A day pass for a hot desk costs €24, while the package for five days per month for a hot desk and limited access costs €70, ten days per month for a hot desk and access to community amenities costs €125, and 15 days per month costs €185. A 24/7 access package with a fixed desk is available for €250 per month. Two-person teams with 24/7 access can rent a dedicated desk for €500 a month. All prices exclude VAT.

Loffice Vienna

4. Co-Work Vienna

Located in Stiegengasse 11, 1060, Co-Work Vienna offers all the necessary amenities, such as shared or dedicated desks, meeting rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and printing facilities.

One unique feature of Co-Work Vienna is its focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, with a cozy green courtyard and a spacious rooftop terrace with urban gardening elements.

Membership plans: Monthly shared desk plans with Mon-Sat (8 am – 8 pm) access are available for  €69 for five days, €119 for ten days, or €169 for flexible days.  Private desk plans with 24/7 access start at €259 monthly, including a storage unit and table lamp. Members can also add a locker to their personal desk plan for €299 monthly. All prices exclude VAT (20%).

Co-Work Vienna, Photo: Alexander Müller  www.alexandermüller.at

5. Das Packhaus

Located in Marxergasse 24/2, 1030, Das Packhaus is known as one of the city’s biggest start-up hubs and workspaces.

One unique feature distinguishing Das Packhaus from other coworking spaces is its commitment to supporting startups and small businesses. It offers various services to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, including events, workshops, and networking opportunities.Membership plans: For €160 per month, the Flex Desk package with free choice of work area is available with Mon-Sun (08:00 – 23:00) access. For those seeking 24/7​ access, a membership package for shared office space is available at €270 per month, and private office space is open for €320 per month.

Das Packhaus Vienna

Vienna has a variety of excellent co-working spaces for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. In addition to high-speed Internet, shared or dedicated desks, and friendly atmospheres, each space has unique features and benefits.

No matter which co-working space you choose, you’ll join a supportive community of like-minded people who are passionate about their work and eager to collaborate and grow.

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